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 > Hot Cell: Radioactive Drug Synthesis Hot Cell

Hot Cell: Radioactive Drug Synthesis Hot Cell


Tight - seal technology (front door, window, air inlet/ outlet etc.) ensures chamber isolation to avoid radioactive leakage.
Strong air exhausting system. Negative pressure of 75Pa and air flow up to 500m3/h to ensure Class 100 air cleanliness.
Dual design with HEPA and activated carbon filtration. Provide optimal environment for radiopharmaceutical synthesis and prevent gas exhaust pollution.
Ample inner space compatible with most synthesizers in market. External (W*D*H): 1150*1150*2400 mm; Internal (W*D*H): 800*700*700 mm
Highly customized:
- Anti-fingerprint stainless steel or steel plate coating cover
- HD display and monitor or lead glass observation window
- Shielding capability: 50-100mmPb; Weight: 5500-10000 kg

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Regions: Canada, Latin America, USA