QC Instruments and Software

GINA 10 is a data acquisition and evaluation software for chromatography, specialized for radio-chromatography and easy control of your liquid or gas chromatography. Gina 10 is the heart of the QC laboratory. It is able to control radio-HPLCs, all our radio detectors, TLC systems, and the GC. Gina 10 has an intuitive graphical user interface with the highest standards and features, enabling you to be compliant with cGMP and 21 CFR part 11 regulations. Gina 10 is developed under good automated manufacturing practice (GAMP 5) and designed for GMP. Specific calculation features for radio signals such as decay correction (half-life time correction), quench correction, or background subtraction make all the difference when compared with standard chromatography software. Gina 10 is also easier to take in hand. The software can record several chromatographic traces that can be manually or automatically integrated and processed. Standard peak information can be depicted in the report (e.g. symmetry, resolution, width, area %…) as well as the analytical conditions. The software manages calibration curves, report generation, data export, method creation, and injection sequence…

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