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The user-friendly Steritest TM Symbio Pumps are specially designed for perfect integration into all testing environments. The compact design and air-tight housing ensure easy handling in laminar flow hoods, isolators, and clean rooms. The automatic closure guarantees the safety and reliable splitting of the liquid sample. The compatible Steritest Symbio software ensures sterility test reproducibility: once the test methods have been created, you can easily transfer the selected test method from the library to your pump. The height and angular position of the bottle holder can be adjusted, while a drain tray minimizes splashing under the canister base. The loading with SteristestTM EZ Filtration is very easy thanks to the low height and ergonomic design of the pump. Two pressure detection modes, including automatic pumping speed reduction, alert the operator, which reduces the risk of interruption. The new color user interface assists the operator in performing the sterility test step by step. Air-tight housing and passive cooling prevent particle emission.

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Regions: Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, USA