Tc-99m Generator


Dry column Mo-99/Tc-99m generator is a closed system for the production of a sterile solution of 99mTc system. It is used for the production of solution pertechnetate Tc a pyrogenic sterile Sodium diagnostic reagent for in vivo use intravenous injection. The pertechnetate 99mTc Sodium is used in adults for: • Exploring the Brain (including cerebral angiography radiopharmaceuticals). • Exploration of the thyroid. • Exploring the Salivary Glands. • Cardiovascular Studies. • Bed Vascular Studies (including angiography radionucieídos. • Exploration of the bladder (Direct Isotope Citography) for the detection of bladder-ureteral reflux. • Exploration of Drainage System Nasolaclimal (dacriocentellografia) etc. The pertechnetate 99mTc Sodium is used in children as an agent for: • Brain scan (including cerebral angiography Radionuclide}. • Thyroid scan. • Bed Vascular studies (including radionuclide angiography). • Exploration of the bladder (Isotope Citografia direct) for the detection of vesico-ureteral reflux. • Exploration of gastric reflux.


Asia, Canada, Latin America, Middle East, USA