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isoSolutions Marketing & Management Inc.

isoSolutions provides a one-stop shopping service as well as technical support worldwide for nuclear medicine applications including: Radiochemicals, Stable isotopes, Labeled compounds, Sealed sources, Synthesizers and Peptides. We provide a complete range of Radioisotopes, including a Ga-68 Generator, Lu-177, Y-90, a Re-188 Generator, I-131, I-125 and cyclotron products.

These products are complemented by an automated labeling module for development work or preprogrammed syntheses and a complete line of quality control instruments. We also offer consulting services for radiochemistry, grant applications and licensing (CMC sections, INDs, DMFs) in several regions of the globe.

Principles / Values

Company Mission

To offer products, services and solutions to the nuclear medicine, radioisotope research, pharmaceutical and medical device industries and providing a connection to an extensive network of suppliers and resources.


To become a model organization for delivery of nuclear medicine products, widely recognized for our reliability and excellent customer service.

isoSolutions believes the principles that form the bedrock of a business relationship are critical.

Confidentiality and discretion

Especially within an intimate industry like nuclear medicine, a client can feel confident that a contract with isoSolutions is a matter between isoSolutions and the client, and will not be communicated to competitors or other companies in the industry. A standard mutual non-disclosure agreement will be signed on request, but confidentiality will be respected with or without a formal agreement.

Honesty and integrity

You can expect honest answers to questions and honest assessments of what can be provided by isoSolutions and what cannot be provided. An order will not be accepted unless it can be fulfilled with excellence. Integrity is our most important business principle.

Reliability and timeliness

There are no standard projects for isoSolutions; each project is dictated by the client. For any project, realistic timetables will be provided in advance, and you can rely on the deadlines. If more time is required to provide you with the best information, this will be discussed well in advance of the deadline.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If there is dissatisfaction with a product or delivery, isoSolutions will work hard to “make it right.”


  • 2000

    Founded isoSolutions Inc. (consulting company).

  • 2001

    Founded isoSolutions Marketing & Management Inc.
    (product distribution company).

  • 2002

    isoSolutions was co-founder of Cyclomedical Applications Group, a company providing medical cyclotron facility services and contract management.

  • 2002

    isoSolutions was co-founder of Alpha IICH Inc., a company developing a supply of alpha emitting radioisotopes for radiotherapy.

  • 2003

    Established Area Sales Manager for Latin American market.

  • 2005

    Formed partnership with Vira Pharma GmbH, a German company that managed the European market while isoSolutions managed the North and South American markets.

  • 2007

    Headquarters of isoSolutions moved from Ottawa, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • 2008

    Appointed Marketing & Sales Manager, Asia.

  • 2009

    Initiated marketing activities in China.

  • 2012

    First exhibit at Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Annual Meeting (Miami Beach).

  • 2013

    Hired Executive Assistant to Managing Director.

  • 2013

    Established new office space in West End of Vancouver.

  • 2013

    Hired Marketing & Sales Manager, Latin America.

  • 2013

    isoSolutions sponsors an annual Armstrong-Lepeska Science Marketing Scholarship at Langara College.

  • 2014

    Hired Marketing & Sales Manager, Canada/USA.

  • 2014

    First exhibit at Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine (Calgary).

  • 2014

    First exhibit at international congress (World Federation of Nuclear Medicine & Biology, Cancun).

  • 2015

    First ALASBIMN exhibit (Asociación Latinoamericana de Sociedades de Biología y Medicina Nuclear, Punta del Este).

  • 2015

    Established Order Desk.

  • 2015

    First exhibit at Brazilian Congress of Nuclear Medicine and Biology (Rio de Janeiro).

  • 2016

    isoSolutions celebrates 15th Anniversary.

  • 2016

    isoSolutions launches re-designed web site

  • 2017

    isoSolutions adds Elysia-raytest to product line

  • 2017

    isoSolutions establishes first sales and marketing manager located in United States

  • 2017

    A Customer Service Manager is appointed with responsibility for supplier and customer relations, order management, and logistics.

  • 2018

    isoSolutions appoints Directors of Marketing & Sales, Customer Service and Administration

  • 2018

    GMP grade non-carrier added Lutetium-177 is added to the product portfolio.

  • 2019

    A new strategic commercial alliance is established with Fenix Medica to strengthen our presence in Latin America.

  • 2019

    A Sales & Marketing Manager for Asia is appointed, expanding the Asian team to three staff.

  • 2019

    isoSolutions exhibits at the International Symposium on Targeted Alpha-Therapy.

  • 2019

    isoSolutions attends the Chinese National Conference of Nuclear Medicine.

  • 2020

    isoSolutions joins the Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council.

  • 2020

    Founder started transition to retirement as Strategic Consultant, and new Managing Director was appointed.


isoSolutions in the Nuclear Medicine World

The infographic below is meant to inform and clarify the areas for which isoSolutions supplies products to the Nuclear Medicine World.

InfographicCyclotron and Reactor Facilities produce radioisotopes that are intended for use in biomedical imaging or clinical research. isoSolutions partners with several cyclotron and reactor facilities to provide a secure, reliable source of high quality radiochemicals for our customers. isoSolutions also supplies products to these facilities to assist in the production process: stable isotopes for targets; synthesizers for chemical processes; quality control instruments; calibration sources; and cyclotron equipment.Hospital and clinics imaging centers use small amounts of radioactive materials called radiotracers that are typically injected into the bloodstream, inhaled or swallowed. The radiotracer travels through the area being examined and gives off energy in the form of gamma rays which are detected by a special camera and a computer to create images of the inside of the body. Other radiopharmaceuticals are used for therapy, precisely targeting a disease cell and destroying it. isoSolutions supplies products from the radiopharmaceutical labs to hospitals and clinics throughout the world.Radiopharmaceutical Labs study and develop opportunities for specific clinical diagnosis and treatment using radiation to fight cancer. isoSolutions supplies these laboratories with raw material radiochemicals; generators such as Ge-68/Ga-68; capsule dispensers; automated synthesizers; quality control instruments; and calibration sources.