Tc-99m Generator


Technetium-99m is a nuclear isomer of technetium-99. The "m" indicates that this is a metastable nuclear isomer. Tc-99m is used as a radiotracer detectable, in the body, by medical equipments. It is well suited to this application, since it emits readily detectable 140 keV gamma rays (about the same wavelength emitted by conventional X-ray diagnostic equipment), and its half-life for gamma emission is 6.0058 hours (meaning that 93.7% of it decays to 99Tc in 24 hours). This relatively short half-life (in terms of human-activity and metabolism) allows for scanning procedures which collect data rapidly, but keep total patient radiation exposure low. Dry column Mo-99/Tc-99m generator is a closed system for the production of a sterile solution of 99mTc system. It is used for the production of solution pertechnetate Tc a pyrogenic sterile Sodium diagnostic reagent for in vivo use intravenous injection. The pertechnetate 99mTc Sodium is used in adults for: • Exploring the Brain (including cerebral angiography radiopharmaceuticals). • Exploration of the thyroid. • Exploring the Salivary Glands. • Cardiovascular Studies. • Bed Vascular Studies (including angiography radionucieídos. • Exploration of the bladder (Direct Isotope Citography) for the detection of bladder-ureteral reflux. • Exploration of Drainage System Nasolaclimal (dacriocentellografia) etc. The pertechnetate 99mTc Sodium is used in children as an agent for: • Brain scan (including cerebral angiography Radionuclide}. • Thyroid scan. • Bed Vascular studies (including radionuclide angiography). • Exploration of the bladder (Isotope Citografia direct) for the detection of vesico-ureteral reflux. • Exploration of gastric reflux.


Asia, Canada, Latin America, Middle East, USA