W-188/Re-188 Generator


High concentration & purity: loaded activity: 0.5 - 1.5 Ci (18,5GBq - 55,5GBq) Volumic activity for 1 Ci generator: without concentration 9 mCi/ml (370 MBq/ml) with concentration > 750 mCi/ml (28 GBq/ml) for a final volume of 1 ml Adjustable volume of concentrated solution from 1 to 5 ml 188W breakthrough < 0.000001 99% 188Re in the form of 188ReO4 The latest developments in the use of rhenium-188 relate to cancer therapy (liver, brain, etc.), palliative care for bone pain caused by spreading breast, lung and prostate cancer, the treatment of synovitis, and cardiology. Rhenium-188 is produced using a generator that allows simplified logistics and flexibility of use (“dose on request”). Tungsten-188, the parent radioisotope of rhenium-188, with a half-life of 70 days, allows the generator to be used for several months. Additionally, the generator is linked to a concentration device that extends the useful life by a factor of 2 to 3. This type of generator, together with the concentration device, represents a beneficial therapeutic solution that makes it possible to considerably reduce the cost per dose.


Asia, Canada, Latin America, Middle East, USA