QC Instruments and Software

GINA X is a data acquisition and evaluation software for different analytical instruments used during the quality control of radiopharmaceuticals. Simply collect all data from typical Quality Control steps like radiochemical purity, residuals measurement, pH, endotoxin, or radio-isoto­ pic purity. Data from radio chromatography (HPLC & TLC), GC, MCA, LAL, and dose calibration are commonly needed to confirm that the products are fully compliant to pharmacopeia or FDA regulations and standards. GINA X and SARA will lead you through the entire workflow, from single measurement to signature of the QC analysis certificate. Integrated methods and automatic data transfer have an important role in documenting the whole process to comply with the SOP in a GMP environment. GINA X is the heart of the QC laboratory, offering a single software platform to control all your QC instruments with a single interface. With the GINA X CDS platform, you are able to control and analyze the radio-HPLC, all Elysia radio detectors, TLC systems, the GC, our multichannel analyzer, and dose calibrator from a single user interface. This intuitive central user interface renders additional interfaces unnecessary. Automatic data transfer and verification of other QC instruments like endotoxin, pH, osmometry or others is also possible.

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