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Medical Cyclotrons 28/35p


The 28 MeV is a negative hydrogen ion cyclotron that has extraction energies of 28 and 20 MeV. The extracted beam current is 400 microamperes and can be extracted simultaneously in any split ratio from two extraction ports on opposite sides of the cyclotron. The opposing beam ports are each separated into a 20 and 28 MeV beam line. The 28 is the Cyclotron of choice for research institutions requiring a broad range of radioisotopes and a regional radiopharmacy that supports PET imaging centres as well as providing SPECT molecules. Since the 28 can be upgraded to 35 MeV and up to 1000 µA current, the higher energy and higher current allows even more radioisotope production. In addition, these upgrades can be implemented in the field.

Status: Inquire
Regions: Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, USA