Dose calibrator

iDOSE - SOFTWARE CONTROLLED DOSE CALIBRATOR The iDOSE is a software-controlled ionization chamber, designed for the fast and accurate determination of the activity, the volume activity or the half-life time of radiopharmaceuticals that are used in nuclear medicine for diagnostics and therapy. The dose calibrator is calibrated for all common radionuclides, including the RSO nuclides (Y-90, Er-169, Re-186) and the PET nuclides (e.g. F-18, I-124). The influencing factors for containers (syringe, eluate bottle, capsule etc.) and contents are considered in the measurement. It is fully integrated into the Gina software and is a perfect combination to our radio-detectors or the miniGITA. When iDOSE is used with GINA X software and User Asscess Option it fulfills the GMP and 21CFR Part 11 standards. The dose calibrator is a certified medical device class II b.

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