Steritest Symbios Pump

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Sterility testing is one of the most crucial steps in pharmaceutical product release. False positives, false negatives, equipment failure and human error can cost you time, money and ultimately your product. The transfer pump is a software controlled peristaltic pump used for the safe, uniform transfer of drug samples from various packaging formats through the sterility testing devices. From a computer, standard operating procedures (SOPs) can be developed and then loaded onto the pump. In automated mode, an analyst simply selects the appropriate SOP for the sample to test from the control panel. The pump will walk the analyst through each step, acting as a training guide, thereby supporting good manufacturing practices. The various steps in the procedure, corresponding pump speed and related information are displayed on the control panel, improving repeatability and reliability. Analysts can select either manual or automated mode. In manual mode, the pump will prompt the analyst to enter data at each step of the procedure.

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