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Semi- and Preparative HPLC applications in radio-pharmaceutical synthesis are still a challenge in radio-detection. For most of the detectors, extremely high-count rates and radiation result in limited dynamic range with low sensitivity for lower count rates or signal cut-offs with high count rates. Other challenges are the aging of the electronics caused by the strong irradiation and the size of the detector shielding that has to be installed in a hot cell where available space is limited. To overcome these challenges, we propose the Prep Probe in combination with our GABI Nova. The GABI Nova is a versatile state-of-the-art radio flow detector. With the Prep Probe, we have developed a dedicated detector for very high activities. The probe is very small, which allows the use of a small shielding. Typical shielding size is: 10 cm in diameter and 14 cm height including a lead cover. The very compact detector, size equivalent to an AA battery, is installed in the lead shielding above an HPLC loop. Our standard loop sizes are: 2, 7 and 16 μl but different loop sizes, up to 1 ml, can be built on demand, depending on the application, to finetune peak detectability and peak shape. The internal and outer diameters of the loop are also adapted to take into account HPLC flow (from 1 to 250 ml/min). Optionally a downstream 6 positions-valve can be controlled by our software or operator to collect peak of interest based on chromatogram or defined signal threshold. The probes can be used in a Hot Cell combined with a HPLC or even in a synthesis unit . The long detector cable allows to use the GABI Nova outside of the Hot Cell and the probe inside the cell. With the GABI Nova, we introduce the Elysia Communication protocol, a completely new communication protocol with a new type of connectors. Simply change the detector/probe and the system will recognize the type and the serial number of your detector. This will ensure you a perfect documentation of your setup and enhance your GxP tools. The ECP advanced control and diagnostic of your probes ensure a better performance and a remote diagnostic. Model Energy range Application Probe PrepProbe 60-2000 keV Preparative HPLC Mini crystal-digital detector

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