Ramona LS Pump


The RAMONA* HPLC-LS pump is our Liquid scintillator admixture pump used for continuous admixture of the liquid scintillator to the radioactive labelled eluate of a HPLC system. The RAMONA* HLPC-LS pump is a piston pump suitable for HPLC applications. The pump body is manufactured in stainless steel or alternatively of peak material. The piston is anticorrosive and highly precisely made of sapphire. The in- and outlet valves are made of Rubin as quite a number of liquid- scintillator cocktails are abrasive and produce a strong wear and tear. The flow rate of the liquid scintillator is adjustable manually or by GINA* when used by the remote program. There are 2 flow ranges available: 2 – 10 ml/min for standard applications or 0,1 – 2 ml/min for μ-flow rates. The piston pump creates a small pulsation, which is compensated in the admixture T-piece and the mixture coil. The pressure performance and the maximum pressure are high enough to admix various cocktails to all feasible eluate compositions.

Status: Not available