isoSolutions is proud to market Agilent’s dedicated solutions for liquid chromatography for radiopharmaceuticals as a valued channel partner in the U.S. and Canada. Agilent makes a variety of HPLC systems to meet the needs of any laboratory. Each component, including the column oven, flow controller, and sample injection unit, are comprehensively optimized to achieve highest precision. And Agilent offers a complete line of detectors such as UV, Refractive Index Detector (RID), Pulse Amperometric Detector (PAD) and Diode Array Detector (DAD). Together with Elysia-raytest, we propose different combinations of radio detectors, ready-to-use solutions for the Quality Control of different radio pharmaceutics such as 18F-FDG, 68Galium, 18F-choline, etc., for PET and SPECT with dedicated HPLC combinations. Each of these solutions can be delivered with installation, training, IQ/OQ services.

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Regions: Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, USA, Worldwide