miniGITA Single


The miniGITA Single is the new version of the well know miniGITA Star. It is a versatile state-of-the-art radio TLC system. The new motor technology reduces considerably the running noise. A complete range of detector probes allow the measurement of nearly every isotope. It is designed for optimal use in nuclear medicine, SPECT or PET laboratories. Simply exchange the detector and the collimators to get the best performance for every application. Our detectors work gas free, ensuring long life time and low maintenance costs. The high sensitivity combined to the moving sample table allows a very fast analysis, with an average scanning time of less than 1 minute. GxP features, spectrum scan capabilities and a basic half life time mode make the miniGITA Single a versatile system for your quality control lab. Outstanding detection capabilities, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and optimal signal resolution make the miniGITA Single the perfect workhorse for your lab. Testing the radiochemical purity with thin layer chromatography and the execution of basic gamma spectrometry are a routine for many nuclear medicine laboratories and SPECT or PET facilities. Having a reliable, easy-to-use system, meeting today’s standards in GMP and documentation rules is mandatory for optimal working conditions. By nature of the measurement scanning resolution, sensitivity, limit of detection, dynamic range and spectrum analysis need antipodal technical solutions. The complete miniGITA range was designed to be as flexible and adjustable as possible, to ensure the highest performance and the best compromise depending on your actual application. To avoid human errors, system settings and configurations will be detected automatically and stored in the electronic report. The new software allows 3 different measuring modes for chromatography, spectrum analysis and halflife time determination. The miniGITA family has been developed to have the best performance for the TLC with best sensitivity, dynamic range and signal resolution for the chromatography. The half-life time and the spectrum mode enable fast and simple analysis. They are very helpful in daily routine but depending on he application, a dedicated ionization chamber or multi-channel analyzer might be necessary.

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