QC-Cubicle Sample Preparation Module

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The sample preparation module has been designed to optimize work flow whilst increasing radiation protection for the user. The integrated lead castle is designed to perform operations like thin-layer chromatography elution, sample preparation (dilution, vial filling, …,) and store contaminated tools (i.e HPLC syringe, vials). It comes with built-in waste containers for daily production and decontamination and ease QC lab line clearance by allowing safe storage of still radioactive solutions or tools. The module is delivered with some special sample holders, small lead shielding for required vials, Eppendorf tubes and working tools to facilitate the work and to minimize the hands-on time. The automatic door opener for the waste makes the work smooth and easy. The preparation module incorporates an integrated TLC plate dryer. This is a unique solution with software controlled drying of your TLC plates and reveals the reference carbohydrate TLC spot for 18F-FDG QC. The system allows active extraction of your solvent gases. This is a high-end solution for a standardized drying process with increased user safety.

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