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2018 Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting

Posted by Hans Peng ⎜ Aug 2, 2018 ⎜ Industry

Since China was the highlighted country of 2018 SNMMI in Philadelphia, several CSNM board members presented a brief report of 2018 SNMMI to the audience. One interesting fact needs attention is that Lu-177 is the most discussed topic this year not only because Lu-177 is highly in demand during SNMMI, but also more and more professors and doctors in China have realized how important and effective Lu-177 is when it is used to diagnose and treat prostate cancer.

During this CSNM Meeting, professors and doctors have expressed their strong interest and hope that Lu-177 can be used more in the diagnose and treatment of prostate cancer and they believe that domestically produced Lu-177 can lower the cost of treatment dramatically for normal patients.


MD Xuexian Yan, Singapore General Hospital (left)
Yongxue Zhang, Huazhong Technology University (right)


Yao Chen, South West Medical University (left)
Zhi Yang, Beijing Cancer Hospital (right)


Yuchuan Yang, CAEP (left)
Xingdang Liu, Huashan Hospital (right)