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B.C. Cancer Foundation receives anonymous $18 million donation

Posted by David T. Drummond ⎜ Oct 29, 2018 ⎜ Industry

A generous donor has given the B.C. Cancer Foundation $18.346 million, but insists on remaining anonymous.

“Today marks an important moment in cancer research and care in Canada with one of the largest donations ever made to bring new treatment solutions to patients,” said¬†Sarah Roth, president and¬†CEO of the¬†B.C.¬†Cancer Foundation.

The gift will be used to establish a molecular imaging and therapeutics program utilizing “smart” drugs called radiopharmaceuticals (radioactive particles that deliver a highly concentrated treatment to cancerous cells.) The radioactive isotope treatment has been used in medical imaging and to treat thyroid cancer for many years, but only more recently has the radioligand therapy expanded to several other types of cancer, particularly incurable prostate cancer.

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