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Evaluation of 111In-DOTA-5D3, a Surrogate SPECT Imaging Agent for Radioimmunotherapy of Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen

Posted by Kevin Yang ⎜ Mar 25, 2019 ⎜ Industry

5D3 is a new high-affinity murine monoclonal antibody specific for prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA). PSMA is a target for the imaging and therapy of prostate cancer. 111In-labeled antibodies have been used as surrogates for 177Lu/90Y-labeled therapeutics. We characterized 111In-DOTA-5D3 by SPECT/CT imaging, tissue biodistribution studies, and dosimetry.

Conclusion: 111In-DOTA-5D3 is a new radiolabeled antibody for imaging and a surrogate for therapy of malignant tissues expressing PSMA.

Sangeeta Ray Banerjee, Vivek Kumar, Ala Lisok, Donika Plyku, Zora Novakova, Mary Brummet, Bryan Wharram, Cyril Barinka, Robert Hobbs, and Martin G. Pomper

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