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Exhibits at Nuclear Medicine Congress (2015)

Posted by David T. Drummond ⎜ Jul 7, 2015 ⎜ Industry

The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging opens today in Baltimore and isoSolutions is exhibiting and promoting its products and services.

isoSolutions provides a one-stop shopping service as well as technical support worldwide for nuclear medicine applications including: Radiochemicals, Stable isotopes, Labeled compounds, Sealed sources, Synthesizers and Peptides. A package of products and services for diagnostic or therapeutic radiolabeling applications includes a Ga-68 Generator, Lu-177, Y-90, a Re-188 Generator, I-131, I-125, O-18 Water and cyclotron products. These products are complemented by an automated labeling module for development work or preprogrammed syntheses.

The offices of isoSolutions have a global reach:

Americas: Vancouver and Montreal; local telephone contact in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil

Europe: Budapest; Brussels

Asia: Shanghai

Middle East and Africa: Beirut

The suppliers represented by isoSolutions reliably provide high-quality products: iThemba, Trasis, IRE, Polatom, Nukem, Radqual, Izotop, Isotopia and ABT.

David Drummond, Managing Director of isoSolutions, stated: “We look forward to welcoming our customers and displaying our capabilities at our exhibit at the SNMMI congress in Baltimore.”

About isoSolutions Marketing & Management Inc.

More information on the company can be found at isoSolutions.