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isoSolutions Expands Marketing Resources

Posted by David T. Drummond ⎜ Nov 1, 2013 ⎜ Industry

isoSolutions has expanded its marketing team to provide better service to its customers and to expand its role in its various markets. The new marketing group consists of:

• Christian Monobe (Brazil, Canada, United States)
• Octavio Aviles-Villasenor (Mexico, Central America, Caribbean)
• Marvin Calderon (South America)
• Hans Peng (Asia)
• Carlo Chemaly (Middle East, Europe, Africa).

The marketing representatives enable the customers to deal with isoSolutions in their native languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, French and Arabic) The new organization is designed to provide the best solutions for the clients of the company.

David Drummond, Managing Director of isoSolutions, stated: “We are excited by the additions to our team and the comprehensive marketing service that we are now able to provide to our customers.”

For more information please visit isoSolutions.