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isoSolutions Expands Order Desk Capability

Posted by David T. Drummond ⎜ Nov 16, 2015 ⎜ Industry

In order to provide improved service to its customers who place routine weekly and monthly orders, isoSolutions has established a dedicated order desk and hired a professional to process orders.

Orders are now processed by Ms. Jody Talibart in the Vancouver office. Jody is an accomplished Administrative Assistant with seven years of top-level administrative and corporate communications experience within diverse British Columbia organizations in the private, public, academic and non-profit sectors. Her background includes seven years of Executive Assistant experience at the CEO level and five years of Office Management experience. In her new role as Administrative Assistant, Marketing, Jody manages the isoSolutions order desk to provide an increased level of customer service. Jody is supported by the other office staff in Vancouver. She works closely with the order processing staff of our key suppliers, who provide the highest level of customer service in our industry.

The Managing Director of isoSolutions, David Drummond, welcomed Jody by declaring, “We work in an industry in which the medical aspects of our products and their time sensitivity demand a dedicated and professional commitment to delivering products to our customers when they need them. Jody and our other staff are committed to providing the very highest levels of customer service. Our customers expect that of isoSolutions.”

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