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isoSolutions Launches New Web Site

Posted by David T. Drummond ⎜ Oct 14, 2013 ⎜ Industry

A new web site has been launched to highlight the products and services of isoSolutions Marketing & Management Inc. isoSolutions offers a wide range of products and services for diagnostic and therapeutic radiolabeling applications. isoSolutions can provide a complete range of radioisotopes, including a Ga-68 Generator (iThemba), Lu-177, Y-90, Re-188 and I-131.

These products are complemented by a state-of-the-art automated labeling module (Trasis All-in-One) and a complete range of labeling peptides. Expert consulting services are also available to help with your technical and regulatory challenges. isoSolutions also offers an extensive catalog of radiochemicals, radiopharmaceuticals, in-vivo cold kits, stable isotopes, labeled compounds, reagents, shipping containers, laboratory equipment and calibration sources from high quality, reliable suppliers.

With isoSolutions, customers can obtain a one-stop shopping service as well as technical support. The new web site at was designed and implemented by web kitchen development under the direction of isoSolutions Web Master Marc Behiels. David T. Drummond, Managing Director of isoSolutions, states, “We welcome our customers and suppliers at our new web site, to view the products and services that we offer. We look forward to hearing from you,‚Äù

About isoSolutions Marketing & Management Inc. More information on the company can be found at isoSolutions.