CR 35 Bio HD

Image Plate Reader

HD-CR 35 Bio is a compact high-speed scanner for all flexible types of image plates / storage phosphor screens up to the size of 35 x 43 cm. In combination with the corresponding imaging plate it can be used for a variety of different nuclides, such as 3H, 11C, 14C, 18F, 32P, 33P, 35S, 59Fe, 68Ga, 99mTc, 111In, 125I, 131I, 137Cs, etc. An integrated erasing unit allows you to read and erase the imaging plate in one step. Its novel design allows compact size and high-speed scanning. The laser is focused to 12.5 μm allowing pixels sizes from 12.5 to 200 μm without pixel interpolation. The HD-CR 35 Bio scanner is the first imaging system for radio-luminography certified by BAM, Berlin for the tests according to DIN EN 14784, class B.

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