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isoSolutions Mourns Loss of a Partner and Friend

David T. Drummond ⎜Nov 1, 2016 ⎜ Industry

We regret to announce that Dr. Alexander Susan has passed away peacefully at the age of 83 in Columbia, Missouri. In 2001, Alex Susan and David Drummond, the principal of isoSolutions, formed a joint company ‚Äì Alpha IICH Inc. ‚Äì to develop a supply of alpha emitting radionuclides to researchers for therapeutic applications. Over the years, Alex and David pursued many business opportunities together, merging their international networks of contacts for mutual benefit. Alex became a friend as well as a loyal partner. He will be missed. (more…)


Mentor — Mr. Will Lepeska

David T. Drummond ⎜Nov 22, 2015 ⎜ Industry

With sadness we must report that our mentor and namesake of the isoSolutions scholarship fund has passed away.

Mr. Will Lepeska died peacefully in his sleep on Saturday morning, 21st November 2015.
His was a life well lived, and it is celebrated beautifully and eloquently at
In memorium of Will, isoSolutions will increase the endowment of the Lepeska-Armstrong Science Marketing Scholarship so that an additional talented student can benefit in his name.

RIP Will.


Obituary — Andr√©s Friedman

David T. Drummond ⎜Nov 16, 2015 ⎜ Industry

We are sad to report that we have lost one of the members of our isoSolutions family. Andrés Friedman passed away on the morning of 2nd of September in Budapest, after a long illness.

Andrés was our first sales representative, and he is largely responsible for the entry of isoSolutions into the Latin American market. He introduced us to his extensive network of contacts, and provided valuable advice and assistance as we grew our business. He was a gentleman and a fount of knowledge on a wide range of subjects. He loved learning and he was passionate about the things that mattered to him. He was a consummate traveler in his earlier days and he cooked a mean Hungarian goulash.

Andrés was born in Oradea, Romania on the 6th of December, 1937. He moved to Chile with his family in 1939 and then the family relocated to Buenos Aires in 1950. André spent his youth in Buenos Aires until the age of 27. He studied at the Natural Science University in Buenos Aires and graduated with a B.A. in Chemistry in 1964. He spent a year abroad in Saclay, France in 1965-66 and then performed an internship in radiobiology with ASTEF in 1966-67.

He entered the chemical products industry with SEIA-Saint Eutrope in 1967 and worked during the next 11 years in the Netherlands, Argentina, Chile and Germany. He moved to Canada in 1978. There, he joined the Radiochemical Company of Atomic Energy of Canada, which was later privatized as MDS Nordion, and worked for the company for 12 years in Canada and another 2 years in Belgium. In 1998 he moved to Hungary.

Andrés is survived by his wife and is fondly remembered by many friends around the world.

isoSolutions is honored to have known Andrés Friedman and is grateful for his contributions to the company. He will be sadly missed.

RIP Andrés.